Vision Based Head Movement Tracking for Mouse control

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Devanand G. Khandar
Prof. R. V. Manteand, Prof. Dr. P.N. Chatur


In this Paper, Mouse movement is done by vision based head tracking. The center of head detection is mapped to the mouse coordinates in computer screen. Left click and right click are controlled by voice left and right click command, respectively. Computer Vision has increased the size of research aiming to provide robust and effective techniques of real-time head movement detection and tracking. It provides alternative solutions for convenient device control, which confidences the application of interactive computer games, machine learning and guidance, robotic arm control, and machine access for disabled people who are physically challenged to do day to day life activity. For head movement detection, several different approaches have been proposed and used to implement different algorithms for these technologies.Main objective is to overcome the limitations of the existing system by providing efficient touch less environment to the user, access computer’s content via user’s speech and different types of cursors, provide interactive visual sensing gaming.

Keywords Head Movement, Mouse Movement, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Vision.


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