A Study on Comparison and Transformation of OLTP into OLAP

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Nitesh Vyas


OLAP is an important feature of Business Intelligence. It is a process of converting new data into business information through multidimensional
analysis. Database design for OLTP is in normalized form. OLTP databases provide real time accesses to its data which is being
updated by other transactions. OLTP is abbreviation of On-Line Transaction Processing. This paper illustrating a theoretical procedure to
convert OLTP data into OLAP data and also comparison of OLTP and OLAP. For this transformation Merge Data, Scrub Data (Cleansing data),
Aggregate Data, Organize Data in Cubes is used. ER modeling is used for normalizing the OLTP database design. Dimensional modeling is
used for de-normalizing the ROLAP/MOLAP design. The concept of ETL : extract, transform, and load is used for transformation of data.


Keywords: OLAP, OLTP, ETL and Data warehouse.


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