Protecting Healthcare Database by Access Control Method on Cloud Computing Technique - A Survey

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A. Anusha Priya
Dr. S. Saravanan


A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has important applications such as remote environmental monitoring and target tracking. Sensors those are smaller, cheaper, and intelligent. These sensors are equipped with wireless interfaces with which they can communicate with one another to form a network. Cloud Computing is a computing paradigm, where large pools of systems are connected in Private or Public networks, to provide dynamically scalable infrastructure for application, data and file storage. With the advent of this technology, the cost of computation, application hosting, content storage and delivery is reduced significantly. This paper explores the basics of Cloud Computing and its functionality of Cloud services. It provides security based on access control method, which is helps that identified and authenticated user is allowed to access information resources in a specific way. The Cloud application offers significant benefits to the healthcare sector which is explored in these surveys.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Cloud Computing, Access control method, Healthcare.


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