Cyber Stalking: A Nuisance to the Information Technology

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Ms. Ankita Srivastava
Ms. Sonali Yadav


Cyber stalking is a type of computer related crime which got fame in a very short time interval in our civilization. Cyber stalking has become more common in societies then physical annoyance. Cyber stalking is when an individual is harassed, threatened or frightened by use of internet or electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops or social networking sites. In cyber stalking privacyof individual is overrun and their each and every movement is watched. It is a technologically based attack and in maximum cases its target audience are not only females and adults but also minors. It is a form of nuisance which has disturbed the life of victims and left them to live their life in afraid and terror.Mostly women’s and teenagers are stalked by cyber stalkers by false accusations, emails, instant messages, phone calls and communication devices. It is assumed that over 80 % of the victims are females and 10% are sometimes males and minors. If we go by actualities the ratio may definitely be increase but not decrease because most crimes of this type are not reported. The theoretical analysis in this paper focuses on the way in which cyber stalking is conducted, types of cyber stalkers and continuing research on cyber stalking.

Keywords: Cyber stalking, types of cyber stalker, types of cyber stalking and cases.


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