The Threat of Advancing Cyber Crimes in Organizations: Awareness and Preventions

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Mr. Anil Kumar
Miss. Jaini Shah


With the era of globalization, computers, mobile phones and the Internet have become part of our daily routine. As a result of this, online processing information is made available on the internet bringing in new threats in the form of cybercrimes. Such threats not only come in different faces, but they also have different execution methods making it difficult for cyber experts to find a viable solution. Due to the high rates of threats, nations around the globe have become concerned about their Netizens‟ online safety and have implemented several Acts of Parliament and International Instruments. However, most of the laws are still in A Mother‟s Womb which are in the process of evolution. There are several reasons why cyber- attacks are planned, as some have serious agendas tagged on them, while others are simply planned as pranks. This paper not only seeks to analyze the political, economic and social effects of cyber-crimes in organizations but also recommends how one can be made aware and prevent cyber-crimes in organizations as prevention is better than cure.


Keywords:Cybercrime, Hackers, Crackers, Cyber threat, Cyber-attack, Cyber Criminal, Cyber terrorists.


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