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Shikha Vashist
Ayush Gupta


Web services are often outlined as a family of technologies which will universally standardize the communication of applications that's accustomed connect systems, business deals, and customers cost-effectively through the planet Wide net. The package vendors like IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle square measure all clench net services standards and cathartic new product that square measure net services valid. Net services can build ease constraints of your time, cost, and house for looking out, negotiating, and conducting e-business transactions. As a result, net services can amendment all the manner businesses and their applications as services, integrate with different business entities, wear down business method workflows, and [3]conduct e-business transactions. Firstly, adopters of net services square measure showing results like bigger development productivity gains and easier and quicker integration with commerce partners. However, there square measure several issues price finding out concerning net services within the context of e-commerce. The special issue of the JECR aims to encourage awareness and discussion of valuable problems and applications of net Services that square measure associated with e-commerce from the structure, economics, and technical view, analysis ideas of net services and e-commerce space square measure fruitful and vital for each lecturers and practitioners. we tend to would like that this introductory article will bring some lightweight to researchers and practitioners to higher perceive valuable problems and future trends of net services and e-business.


Keywords: Http, web server, e business


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