The Determinant of use and impact Assessment of ICT as an Enhancing Tool in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria

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Adebimpe L.A


The role of ICTs as a veritable tool of achieving growth among SMEs in Nigeria is very central and the various research efforts have acknowledged this. This study attempts to further look at the determination of use of ICTs among the SMEs in Nigeria with a view to establishing how the determinant has contributed to the growth of SMEs. The work employed purposive sampling technique; the instrument for the study was questionnaire which was designed in the Likert Ratio Scale Format , the questionnaire contained 17-items in all, constructed to conform with the relevant hypotheses. Tobit regression model was employed to ascertain the determinant of ICTs’ usage by SMEs’ in the study area, while the different livelihood activities and ICTs facilities were ranked to determine their level of patronage by the respondents. The result shows that the coefficient of age (p<0.10), gender (p<0.05), educational level (p<0.00) and membership of community association (p<0.05) were positive, those of household size (p<0.05), income (p<0.00) and primary occupation (p<0.10) were negative.
Keywords: ICT, SME, Determinant


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