Efficient Certificate Validation in Hybrid Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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Mohammad Masdari
Sam Jabbehdari, Jamshid Bagherzadeh


Providing consistent certificate status information (CSI) in dynamic environment of MANET is a challenging issue. Inconsistent CSI decreases the network security and makes the network vulnerable to CSI replay attacks which previously issued valid CSI are forwarded for the status of a revoked certificate. In this paper, we propose a new certificate validation solution for hybrid MANETs which decreases the OCSP responses’ validity period according to the accusations issued against the certificates. As a result, the OCSP responses of revoked certificates will be valid for shorter time and for less time will be available for malicious nodes. Furthermore, in this scheme the number of accusations issued against each certificate is added to the OCSP response’s validity period which can be very useful on client side for tuning the certificate validation parameters and localized certificate revocations. Simulation results indicate that our solution effectiveness of our solution.


Keywords: Security, PKI, ADOPT, Verification, Caching node.


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