ZigBee Technology For Data Communication- A Comparative Study With Other Wireless Technologies

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Midhya Mohan E
Neena George P, Diana Davis


ZigBee is an IEEE standard that has a set of specifications for wireless personal area networking (WPAN). It mainly works in the physical layer and Media Access Control (MAC) layer of the ISO-OSI model. It is developed to improve the capabilities of wireless networking. Since ZigBee can be used almost everywhere, it is easy to implement and needs little power to operate, the opportunities for growth in markets, as well as innovations in existing markets, is enormous. ZigBee is simpler, inexpensive and open standard protocol that consumes less power. As a result, it provides longer life to batteries. ZigBee is designed to provide highly efficient connectivity between small packet devices. It has a wide range of applications that covers almost all markets like health care, military, consumer electronics, Telecommunication Services etc. In this paper, we are mainly focusing on the importance of ZigBee technology by comparing with other wireless technologies.


Keywords: ZigBee, Physical layer, Media Access Control (MAC) layer, IEEE 802.15.4


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