Artificial Immune System to Protect Social Network

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Rajneeshkaur K. Bedi
Oshin Kavdia,Gauri Bhide, Vaidehi Donglikar


Social networking web sites are more popular than ever in recent years. The popular usage of these web sites greatly impacts user data privacy and security. Data privacy is owner‟s right to determine when, how and to what extent their information is provided to outside world. But nowadays many people face the problem of their data being misused by third parties. The goal of an attacker is to obtain knowledge of a significant level to get entry in network. In this case, security has been breached because the privacy of the user had not been safeguarded. This paper intends to give new approach to safeguard user data privacy and security through bio inspired computing wherein inspiration is drawn from the natural world to give better security to user accounts. A social network Intrusion Detection System is proposed to monitor networks for attacks or intrusions and report these intrusions to the root node in order to take corrective action. Immune system techniques, particularly the innate and adaptive immune systems have been studied and an attempt has been made to apply these methods to protect a user within a network. Even though some of these solutions might not seem feasible in today‟s times, they will provide an alternative way to protect users and may also prove to be better than current solutions in the near future.


Index terms- Social network, Immune system, Data security, Intrusion detection


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