Performance Analysis on Traffic Sensitive Vertical HandOff Algorithm TSVHOA

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A. Bhuvaneswari
E. George Dharma Prakash Raj, P. Rajeswari


Rapid growth in the field of communication technology supports the user to select the required signal by switching from one network to another based on the required quality of the traffic as well as user preferences. Switching the signal from one signal to another is called handoff. Handoff has been triggered when the received signal strength (RSS) is degraded or the quality of service is required. This paper analyses the performance of RSS based handoff and the QoS based handoff proposed in the Traffic Sensitive Vertical HandOff Algorithm (TSVHOA) by considering multiple parameters.

Keywords: WiFi, WiMax, Vertical Handoff, Multiple Attribute Decision Making, RSS, AHP, GRA, TOPSIS, SAW


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