Framework for Opinion Access Service To Make Smart Business Decisions - Twitter as a Case Study

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Akshata B. Angadi
Karuna C. Gull


Twitter has grown to be a foremost influence in our daily lives. Twitter has emerged from online short communication network into an increasingly useful platform for the teenagers, marketers, researchers, scholars and many more. It is now on the apex of its colossal spurt. It has become a popular micro blogging site where people can share their experiences, views, thoughts and events. This voluminous data of twitter shared by people helps in making decisions and analyze the opinions of them. Sentiment Analysis, a part of Opinion analysis help in finding the current status of particular product based on which the marketers can improve the business quality i.e. public perception can also be known by tracking their interests thus help in framing a useful pace to predict future of a product. The paper focuses on Analysis of data from the SNS i.e. twitter and also details simple steps to increase the proficiency of the business using Data Mining Techniques. Survey on many research papers is carried out and designed the framework. This paper acts as the stepping stone for the efficient development of twitter mining tools. Further it helps in implementing improved algorithm for the betterment of customers’ insight on/towards product.

Keywords- Clustering, Data Mining, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Twitter.


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