Interoperability in the JVM and CLR Engines for Cross Languages Application

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Sonar Sanjay Bhagwan


Engines of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Common Language Runtime (CLR) are designed on the basis of multi-platform mechanism and as well as compatible of the cross languages interoperability based on the pure object orientation for both JVM and CLR related languages. Both engines languages are compatible for application domain specification, requirements elicitation, Genericity in all objects specification, designing mechanism of pure object orientation and Methodological implementation. The paper proves common mechanism and methodological design-to-implementation steps by pure object orientation, to design database and application using JVM and CLR languages. Paper also proves genericity in relationship between compatible mechanism of the CLR and JVM platform. Both engines has compiled and interpreted mechanism, cross languages feature, as well as multi-platform mechanism. The JVM platform is java based languages as Java, JRuby and Scala; and CLR platform is VS.NET based languages as, and and other. There are no business logic is applied on the design-to-implementation steps for designing the system in both engines, but common tools is mechanized and sequentialised to design the applications and common database for JVM and CLR related languages.


Keywords: Interoperability, compatibility, domain, genericity, Cross-Platform, actor, Use Cases.


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