The System to Retain Procurement of Video Data and Eradicate UN trusted User’s

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Susmitha Reddy Thamma
Naresh Kondeti


In this paper a secure mechanism to protect the intellectual property of the content creator of the websites like Google video, you tube, yahoo. Here the server will identify the unauthorized user and block that user from the network. By using the video copy detection methods compare the user video and admin videos to detect whether the trained video and queried videos may copies are not. Initially water marking techniques are used to protect the intellectuality of admin, but water marking itself is fragile for compression. Then content based copy detection (CBCD) proposed, it has a signature limitation problem. So the local descriptor Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) introduce to extort the features from the key frames. It encounters a computational cost. Then Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is proposed for match two frames of video by using SIFT descriptor. Auto dual brink process is used to eradicate the superfluous video frames. And the graph based process is used to obtain video sequence and identify the longest path of matching result along with timing constraint. Then the queried video is the copy then that particular user blocked based on time stamp


Keywords: Blocking, Intellectual property, video copy, Superfluous frames, Time Stamp.


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