Design and Implementation Railway of Platform Security System using Image Processing Technique

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Jadhav Panchashila
Mrs. P. Malathi


Indian Railway is the largest railway system of Asia and also the second largest in the world. Indian Railway is that the biggest sector that provides additional use. The railway could be a convenient and economical transport system. Security of station platform is an important issue in the recent years. The present systems only monitor the passengers and could not provide any warning message for passenger instantly. This paper proposes a unique technique that might observe the passenger moving direction without using any external equipment, and so uses these motion vectors to work out whether the passenger is approaching the warning line. Once passenger is approaching the warning line on the platform, the projected technique can appraise the passenger via broadcasting or speech message to extend the protection within the platform. This technique reduces the complicated method of image recognition system.


Keywords: Railway platform, passengers, monitoring equipments, motion vector and security system.


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