Multi Focus Image Fusion Using Discrete Wavelet Transform Algorithm

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M.Mohamed Suhail
P.V.Ganeshkumar,R.Balamurugan, Dr.A.Muthukumaravel


Image fusion is the process that combines information from multiple images of the same scene. The result of image fusion is a new image that retains the most desirable information and characteristics of each input image. In this paper a simple image fusion algorithm based on wavelet transform is presented to select wavelet filters, decomposition levels and fusion schemes is of great concern for multi-focus image fusion in wavelet domain. By wavelet transform, an image can be represented by a low frequency approximation, which contain the average information of the image, and several high frequency details with different scales and directions, which contain the texture or edge feature of the image. For the multi-focus images, there are some areas unclear in certain source images which correspond to small wavelet coefficients, and clear in other source images which correspond to large coefficients. So it can simply took the coefficients with greater modulus as the final coefficients to get the fusion image, which contains more details and is clearer in visual and more convenient for image analysis and understanding. This paper discusses the influence of the wavelet filters, decomposition levels and fusion schemes on the fusion results. The results obtained, are of great value for research and experiment in this field.

Keywords: Image Fusion, Wavelet Transform Algorithm, Principal Component Analysis, Regions of Interest.


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