Novel Energy Efficient Dynamic Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

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Tata Jagannadha Swamy
Dr.KVSVR Prasad, Dr. Garimella Ramamurthy


Tiny sensor nodes with limited energy sources and connected wirelessly are widely used for real time applications. Long distance data transmission towards base station with number of hops reduces overall wireless sensor energy consumption in the network. Here it is propose a dynamic routing protocol with hopping for better energy management as well as reducing delay in packet data transmission. Leveling, clustering and dynamic routing issues are considered for better performance. In our proposed solution to energy management and attempt to develop an intra cluster rotation scheme with hierarchical hop based routing. In this process random and non-hopping methods are compared with hierarchical hopping. Results show that this novel protocol is more efficient than the conventional protocols like LEACH, Multihop LEACH, and TEEN in dynamic routing based data transmission.


Keywords: sensor node; cluster head; base station; levelling; intra cluster; dynamic routing;


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