A Secure Smart Card Based on Remote user Authentication Protocol

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K.Vijay Kumar
Dr. N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Gaddam Geetha


In the real world, common storage devices, for example, universal serial bus (USB) thumb drives, portable HDDs, mobile phones, Laptop or Desktop PCs are generally utilized, and they are much less expensive or more advantageous for Storing client validation data. However, since these devices don't give alter safety; it is a test to outline to design a secure authentication scheme utilizing these sorts of memory devices. In this paper, password authentication schemes with smart cards are proposed and upgraded framework to eliminate the vulnerabilities and in the meantime to build the security qualities. We show the mapping of a mimic assault against their plan if the smart card gets stolen. We demonstrate that it is simple for an attacker to register password of a client by utilizing data removed from the stolen smart card. We additionally propose a straightforward and simple answer for fix this issue. There are various remote client validation plans proposed in composing for keeping unapproved gatherings from getting to assets in an unreliable environment According to our examination, the proposed scheme ensures common validation furthermore opposes logged off word reference, replay, fraud, and mimic assaults. Subsequently, our scheme is suitable actually for applications in restricted force figuring situations.


Keywords: Protocols, Security analysis, ECIS, Authentication, Encryption, Decryption.


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