Emerging Trends and Limitations in Technology and System of Ubiquitous Computing

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Sunil Kr Singh
Kavneet Kaur, Anuj Aggrawal


Ubiquitous computing(ubicomp), an advanced computing concept to make computing appear everywhere and anywhere, was coined by Mark Weiser around 1988. Since then humungous research is being carried out and applied accepting its best features. This paper discusses the origin and research works done in this field. Further exploring its concept, architecture and applications we provide words to the vision required and challenges it faces. Since, every coin has two faces, we not only highlight its benefits and effectiveness but study its limitations and understand how it is a risk to privacy of user and requires infrastructural changes. We also try to understand why Cyber Crime Research Center termed pervasive computing as a „cyber crime‟. Suggesting a mechanism (change in algorithm while designing ubiquitous environment) to overcome it we conclude this paper giving a glimpse of our further study and idea of development in this ever exciting and core field of development.

Keywords: Ubiquitous Computing, Ubicomp, Pervasive Computing, Mobile Computing, Distributed Computing


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