An Approach to find Trustworthiness among Different Domains in a Grid Environment

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Dolly Sharma


The goal of Grid computing is to create illusion of a simple yet large and powerful self managing virtual computer out of a large
collection of connected heterogeneous systems sharing various combinations of resources. Such an environment introduces challenging trust
related issues as both service providers and users can come from mutually distrusted administrative domains and any of them can behave
maliciously. The use of trust evaluation simplifies the security architecture and is evaluated on the basis of a number of parameters like trust
decay, reputation, trust updation, transitivity etc. A number of models have been proposed by different researchers for the evaluation of trust but
many of them have missed one or the another required parameters that are necessary for the evaluation of trust in a comprehensive way. In this
paper a novel approach for evaluation of trust has been proposed that insists on the use of a number of imnportant parameters to calculate trust in
a comprehensive way.
Keywords: Grid computing, trust, reputation, trust model, feedback, trust evaluation, trust decay.


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