Securable and Energy Efficient Transmission in Remote Cooperative Groups: New DES Algorithm

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Kalyani. M
Deepthi. S.


In MANET’S broadcasting of data to remote cooperative groups by using of key management paradigm technique cladding problems
with the encryption, decryption of data. Key management paradigm creates public key infra structure for key generations, encryption and
decryption processes. By using of public key infrastructure (PKI) it will generate the group keys and performs key distributions among the nodes
those which are in hybrid network model with that transmission of data will be done in fast manner but it consumes more energy levels, which
leads to consumption of more energy levels. By considering this in mind we proposed a new approach which uses a modified Data Encryption
Standard algorithm instead of key management. A new DES Algorithm is proposed with 8/32 s-boxes instead of 6/4 s-boxes and uses addition
modulo function in addition to the AND, XOR operations in existed in DES algorithm. we identified significant effects in energy levels and those
are simulated with help of Network Simulator -2

Keywords: MANET’S, NS2 tool, Cooperative groups, Key management, S-boxes


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