Authenticating a webpage using CAPTCHA image

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R. Kanimozhi
Dr. D. Jagadeesan


Nowadays peoples are facing many problems while using the internet for data transaction and communications. If any transactions through the online using a particular website, they are unable to know whether the particular website is original or fake. Hence, an identification problem is major challenges if using the internet even though using secure protocols (https) or some icon in the address bar. Instead original website they using fake website make the transactions, the hacker hacking the user information and damage the resources. It is merely thought people in their further transactions, communications, etc. Hence need for a new technique to identify website is original. In this paper, we propose the new technique for identifying originality using steganography. This technique is to provide more security to the website such that even though they do transactions, viewing, etc. Using this technique, this can be provided with highly secure manner.


Keywords: Image, Steganography, CAPTCHA, Security.


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