System and Method for Detecting Potential Places for Memoization in Recursive Functions of a Computer Programming Code

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Narasimha Sarma Sridhara Chimmapudi


A system and method for detecting potential places for memoization in recursive functions of a computer programming code, includes a software tool to detect the suitable places for memoization in a source code of a program/software program. The tool automatically detects the potential places for implementing memoization in a program, the need of memoization during run time, and suggests the code to be inserted for memoization. The recursive functions of potential memoization are memoized either automatically or manually to facilitate efficient execution of the program. By implementing memoization, the complexity of algorithm would be reduced from exponential order to polynomial order and improves the speed of execution.

Keywords: Automatic detection, memoization, recursive function, software tool, runtime analysis


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