Design and Implementation of Frequency Hopping using Hardware Descriptive Language

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Bilal Ahmad
Syed Asfandyar Gilani, Malik Junaid Aziz


For the transmission of signals with reliability and security, Frequency Hopping (FH) is one of the well-known techniques. By the use of Frequency Hopping, the signal cannot be intercepted by any device (most of the devices do operate on single frequency) and using Frequency Hopping the carrier frequency is switched to different frequencies by means of a Pseudo- random PN Code only known to the transmitter and the receiver. In the real world there are a number of projects that cannot be implemented because of the different constraints (limited resources and budget). This paper is about novel design and implementation of a prototype for Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum in Verilog, HDL. The benefit of this is that instead of buying expensive circuits, a programmable Field Programmable Array, FPGA can be chipped to reduce the cost and ability for the modification.


keywords: Frequency Hoping, Verilog, FPGA, Spread Spectrum, GSM


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