Decision Support System for Classification of Child Intelligence Using C4.5 Algorithm

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Marlia Purnamasari
Sulistiyono Sulistiyono


Constraints for education to produce quality graduates are still many schools that have a traditional mindset in the running process of learning, where school only emphasizes the logic and language ability regardless of the types of intelligence possessed protege. This study aims to implement the algorithm C4.5 to classify the type of intelligence of children of primary school age, and mapping types of intelligence they have. The research data is data type of child intelligence gathered from several elementary schools in two different districts, namely Serang and Cilegon to see and compare the types of intelligence of children in each school. The data obtained were divided into training data and test data, which will use the evaluation algorithm C4.5 (J48) using Weka application as an analytical tool. The results of the analysis using the Weka decision tree form that will serve as a rule for the child's intelligence determines the type of new data that will be tested. Tests on the new data showed that, the classification of the type of intelligence of children have a level of accuracy of 88%. The results are expected to be used as a decision support for teachers or parents to provide appropriate learning method for primary school children in accordance with the kind of intelligence they have.

Keywords: decision support system, C4.5 algorithm, child intelligence, weka, classification


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