A Comprehensive Review of RIM for Nodes Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Parvinder Kaur
Alisha Saini


The emergence of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has given birth to a number of diverse application that were earlier either not feasible or too expensive. Some of the applications are search and rescue, battlefield reconnaissance, surveillance, etc. The vital requisite or all these applications is interconnectivity between the various scattered nodes. Connectivity is established at network startup phase by deploying suitable topology. However there is always a chance of node failure that creates discontinuity in the network. Recovery through Inward Motion (RIM) is a distributed algorithm to restore network connectivity after a node failure. In this paper we propose to implement RIM on a simulated network and compare the results of the simulation with other node failure recovery schemes.Simulation results have shown the proposed algorithm to be efficient.

Keywords: WSN(wireless sensor network),RIM(Radial Inward Motion),LeDiR( Least-Disruptive topology Repair),TTL(Time To Live),DARA(Distributed Aggregate Routing Algo- rithm )


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