A Dynamic DNA for Key Based Cryptography Approach

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Yesha Pruthi
Sunita Dixit


Cryptography is always taken as the secure way while transforming the confidential information over the network. But over the time, the traditional cryptography approaches are been replaced with more effective cryptographic systems such as quantum cryptography, biometric cryptography, geographical cryptography and DNA cryptography. The presented work is about to defined a DNA cryptography scheme in which DNA concept will be implemented at two stages. At the initial stage, the DNA sequence will be used as the key to perform the cryptography and later on the cryptography itself will be done using the DNA coded approach. The presented work will be implemented on text cryptography. At the earlier stage, the system will accept the DNA sequence as the input to generate the key. The DNA sequence will be identify the maximum frequency DNA pattern. This sequence pattern will be used as the key to the cryptography system. At the later stage, the DNA encoded dictionary will be defined for cryptography. Now the input text will be coded using this DNA coded dictionary. The presented work will also optimize the process of DNA sequence search mechanism so that the effectiveness of the cryptographic algorithm will be improved.

Keywords: DNA cryptography, dynamic key, coded dictionary, tandems


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