Data Mining Open Source Tools - Review

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C. Ranjithkumar
V. Saravanan, C. Pushpalatha


Data Mining has become the area of growing significance because it helps in analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information and also data mining is defined to the analysis of observational data sets to find unsuspected relationships and to summarize the data in novel ways that are both understandable and useful to the data owner. And also researcher have to applying data mining methods and algorithms in many applications. whose development is driven by strong research interests as well as urgent practical, social, and economical needs. While the last few years knowledge discovery tools have been used mainly in research environments, sophisticated software products are now rapidly emerging. In this paper we have to give survey of most used and popular data mining tools of Clementine, Rapid miner, R, SAS enterprise miner and its features. These kind of data mining tools used for prediction and analyzing data mining process and using applications are education, learning environments, statistics and etc.

Keywords: Data mining, clementine, Rapid miner, R, SAS Enterprise miner.


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