Comparing Software Usability Attributes in Virtual Environment and Non-Virtual Environment

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Kirti Muley
Dr. Kshama Paithankar, Dr. Maya Ingle


Now a day‟s many software applications are being developed in Virtual Environment (VE) such as; education, entertainment, medical, aeronautical, defence etc. And, in this era of user centred development it is highly appreciated to incorporate usability software attributes to develop even an effective VE based application. Therefore, in this paper we have focused on the identification of usability attributes applicable to the virtual environment applications. At the same time, we put efforts to showcase the usability attributes used for development of application in Non-Virtual Environment (NVE). A comparison of usability attributes contributing solely in VE and those used in VE and NVE both is also presented in this paper.

Keywords: usability; attributes; virtual environment; non-virtual environment


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