Literature Review of IEEE 802.16(WiMAX) Implementation in OPNET

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Kamini Jaswal
Prof. (Dr) Vinay Kumar Nassa, Jyoti


Network simulation is used to evaluate the performance of different wired and wireless networks and their topologies without real world implementation. Network simulators are widely used by the research community to evaluate new theories and hypotheses. There are a number of network simulators, to name a few, ns-2, ns-3, OMNET++, NetSim, QualNet, OPNET, SSFNET, J-Sim, and GloMoSiM etc. Therefore, the selection of a network simulator for evaluating research work is a crucial task for researchers. According to the previous researches on the performance of OPNET, it has been proved that OPNET is comparatively more reliable, easy to understand and implement network simulation tool than its other counterparts. The main focus of this paper is to study the Wimax performance when implemented with OPNET.

Keywords: Wireless Networks, WiMAX, Simulation, Network Simulators, OPNET.


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