Software Reuse – Changes in Process and Organizations

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Dr. B V Ramana Murthy
Mr. Vuppu Padmakar, Ms. A Vasavi


The transition form no reuse to informal code reuse in which chunks of code are copied adapted slightly, and then incorporated the new systems occurs when developers are familiar with each other’s code and trust each other, later on the trend has changed and the programming paradigms’ has changed there is evolution of object orientations, which formally “ Never rewrite the code but reuse the code†reusability can be achieves by inheritance at the programming level but the context here is at the product level, which can be achieved by using component technologies which is order of the day, component is a readily available software module which can be used directly or can be tailor made according to the specification. For better reusability the company must have vision towards the market to find out which companies they create, the organizational strength must emphasize on domain engineering and application engineering. The company has to maintain reuse manager for the management of these components in a better way. Using component technologies the company can able to save development cost, time and can deliver product with quality.


Keywords: Software Reuse, Domain Engineering, Software Application Engineering, Software Cost.


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