DRI Essential Vertices in Caterpillar Trees

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Dr. Shreedevi V. Shindhe
Vijaykumar M. Badiger


The total number of diametral paths reachable from a vertex is called the Diametral Reachable Index of that vertex. In this paper an effort is made to analyse some special properties of DRI (Diametral Reachable Index) of vertices of caterpillar. The vertex whose removal changes the DRI of some other vertices is called DRI essential vertex. The set of DRI essential vertices, whose removal changes the diameter of the graph, is called diameter critical set. An algorithmic approach is also discussed to find DRI essential vertices and the cardinality of the set of diameter critical vertices.


Keywords: DRI, DRI essential, Diameter Critical, MDCV set, DCV number, Diametral.


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