Pre Path Estimation for Better Resource Allocation to Avoid Path/Route Failure in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

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Shailja Kakkar
Ruchi Gupta


A network which is made up of random nodes and in which every node is capable to communicate with other nodes. A mobile node works as individual router in such a network where nothing like fixed infrastructure or access points are available. But these networks often deal with many limitations like bandwidth problems, node movements, node unavailability, battery consumption & limited battery of remote nodes. Also it results in wastage of time and resources at other nodes. It results in power consumption at intermediate nodes even though they are not the actual sender or receiver of the data. And further the available power at remote nodes decides the lifetime of node and of the route selected as well. In this study we have proposed an algorithm based on which paths can be estimated from source to destination based on the remaining power at the nodes.

Keywords: M o b i l e Ad - H o c N e t w o r k, Pre Path Estimation, Better Resource Utilization.


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