Design of Lock Based Authentication System for Android Smartphone user

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Meera Jadhav
Anuradha U, Bilwashree, Vani


Smart phones have been vigorously & widely used in recent years due to their capabilities of supporting many applications from simple SMS to complicated location based services. It is challenging for smart phones developers to manage & protect privacy or sensitive data of the end users. Almost everybody today owns smart phones. We store our personal information in these devices, as these devices start to contain increasing amounts of important personal information better security is required. If we tend to lose our smart phones there is an overflow of our saved personal information & business information, such as internet banking information, internet search information, schedules, and business documents. These devices do not support the security software which requires continuous monitoring in order to detect threats. In past decades, many security systems are rapidly being developed that includes solutions such as remote control systems. In spite of this, major problems could result after a device is lost. Thus we require strong authentication mechanisms to protect our important personal information, even after the device is lost. In this paper, we describe the security measures to improve Android OS so that users can safely use the android smart phones. We use an upgraded Lock Screen system that is able to support authentication for the users conveniently & provide a good security system for smart phones. We also suggest an upgraded authentication system for Android smart phones.

Keywords: Android, Smart phones, Lock Screen, Authentication


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