IRetrieval : Image Retrieval Based on Color Feature and Texture Feature

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Mr. Arvind M. Bhave
Prof. Mangesh Wanjari, Prof. Gurudev Sawarkar


Content Based Image Retrieval is an interesting field in the area of Image Processing. It is use for retrieval of images based on its contents i.e. color, texture and shape. In content based image retrieval system an image is provided as a query or input image and similar images are search from the database as an output. These similarities are based on Color of an image, Texture of an image and shape of an image. In this paper, we are proposing a method which is based on color feature of the query image and texture feature of the query image. Color feature extraction is performed by calculating mean value of each color component whereas texture feature extraction is performed using gray level co-occurrence matrix. Visual similarities between query image and database images are calculated by using Euclidean distance measure.

Keywords: CBIR, features, Color, Texture, Euclidean distance, Gray Level Co-occurrence matrix.


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