A New Blowfish Secret-Key Block Cipher Based Cooperative Protocol Incentive Scheduler Algorithm for Wireless Network

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C. Deepika
A. Prakash


In wireless networks the coverage extension area is used to increase the network connectivity exclusive of escalating the infrastructure that is the one of main use of cooperative communication. The coverage extension concern wants the cooperation of border mobile nodes to transmit the packets of neighboring nodes which are positioned outside the base-station region. In this effort we suggest a new security based incentive scheduler algorithm that is able to expand the wireless coverage for potential mobile transmitting nodes. Certainly, in terms of QoS and energy consumption the cost of cooperation can be expensive that do not inspire the nodes to cooperate. Where the security based incentive approach returns the cooperative nodes. In the QoS management the percentage of cooperation is considered to facilitate stimulate the border nodes to cooperate and then to enlarge the wireless area. Here with the security can be improved by using Blowfish which is a variable-length key block cipher which is only suitable for applications where the key does not modify regularly, like a communications link or an automatic file encryptor. Furthermore, the monitoring mechanism is projected to suitably assess the cooperation rate of every node. The outcomes illustrate that not only the proposed solution permits the border nodes to cooperate exclusive of the negative impact but furthermore improve the QoS parameters.

Keywords: Incentive Scheduling, Coverage Extension, Cooperation, Quality of Service, Multipath Fading, Quality of Service (QOS), Selfish Nodes, Blowfish Secret-Key Block Cipher.


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