Software Component Clustering using SPARROW Algorithm

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Y. Mohana Roopa
Dr.A. Rama Mohan Reddy


Component Based Software Development (CBSD) provides a high efficient and low cost way to construct software systems by integrating reusable software components. Although CBSD has already become a widely accepted paradigm, it is still beyond possibility to assemble components easily from COTS components into one application system. In real world, such as automation domain, this probability is unacceptable because additional measures, time, efforts, and costs are required to minimize its impacts. Many general clustering approaches have been proposed in literature to manage the composition of system at early stage of development. This paper investigates to identify the component clusters in parallel using a multi-agent adaptive algorithm called SPARROW algorithm. The results of this study are important since it will be used to develop an efficient Component Based Software Architecture.

Keywords: Component-Based software development, component clustering, software architecture, SPARROW Algorithm.


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