Secure Data Transmission using DNA Encryption

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Anupriya Aggarwal
Praveen Kanth


DNA Encryption is preferable biological technique for securing text/image because of its parallelism, vast storage and fast computing quality. The process involve biological molecule present in human body called DNA abbreviated as Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid .The DNA molecule is synthesized and protein component part is extracted and then converted to nitrogen base . This nitrogen base is used in Encryption/Decryption and formulated as A (Adenine), C (Cytosine), T (Thymine) and G (Guanine) characters. DNA Cryptography components are ACTG characters only and how the message gets merged and located is known as DNA Cryptography. This ACTG characters create DNA Sequence S and merged with message M to produce new sequence S’ and send to receiver where Sequence S’ back converted to S. The paper will introduce traditional methods of DNA cryptography in which there is need of key and proposed methods ,in which introduction to key is not required ,hence removing the tension of securing the key. The proposed method involves Complementary pair method.

, Keywords: DNA, Cryptography, DES, AES


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