Analysis of Medical Expert system on Human Life

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Ayangbekun Oluwafemi J.
Olatunde Ayoola I.


Expert system has being one of the leading trends in technology especially in the aspect of making a computer think like human. Expert system has been used in several areas to achieve a particular or certain objective. Expert system usage is what everybody who is technologically inclined like to use especially in medical aspect. There has been a lot of expert system in medicine especially INTERNIST, MYCIN, and CADUECUES. All have their own ways of contribution to medicine. But living this system freely to be used by people will causes an enormous danger to the community. Although it has its own benefit, this research looks thoroughly into the way in which expert system should be deployed into medicine without posing danger to the community. This research was carried out by contacting many doctors and other medical practioners from two basic federal hospitals in Nigeria (UCH, Ibadan and FMC, Idiaba-Abeokuta). Series of questions were asked and questionnaire was employed as a tool to derived meaningful data which was then synchronized using SPSS for proper analysis.


Keywords: MES (Medical Expert System), Expert System, Mycin, Mycin Effect, Medical Effect.


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