Technique for Packet loss Minimization in Group Mobility for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

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Deshbandhu Deshbandhu
Suman Deswal


-A handoff scheme is essential to provide continuous connections whenever a mobile node moves from one coverage area of network to another. The handoff management issues consist of finding the appropriate time to perform the handoff depending upon RSS (received signal strength), traffic, bandwidth, velocity, channel conditions and cost etc. Finally, a scheme supporting group mobility came into picture, is the scheme having a protocol for mobile groups that allows a single node (gateway node) to perform handoffs on behalf of all group members. If the gateway node is damaged or destroyed, communication by the remaining group members with the backbone network is severed, resulting in packet loss. This paper proposes an effective mobility scheme that minimizes the packet loss in Group mobility environment.


Keywords: Group Mobility, Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, Handoff, Packet Transmission, Packet Drop


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