Retinal Vessel Extraction and Optic Disk Segmentation in Image Processing

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Ms. S. Sathya
Mrs. C. Sunitha


The main part of the human eye is retina which includes blood vessels, optic disc and fovea. It’s possible to segment the parts, when there is any problem in the segmented parts it can be investigating extensively. Here the first step is the extraction of the retinal vessels and then finding the problematic vessels by using the image processing techniques. Principal part analysis (PCA) is one of the techniques that can be applied to phase the blind spot. In this paper, the retinal vessel extraction, segmentation of optic disk and fovea centralis victimization of PCA using the techniques canny edge detection, OD Localization Algorithm, fuzzy c-means segmentation.

Keywords: Segmentation, Retinal Vessel, PCA, Optic Disk (OD), OD Localization Algorithm, Fuzzy C-Means Segmentation.


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