The Cloud Computing with respect to Provider and Consumer

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Raktim Deb


This paper, demonstrate basic definition of cloud computing and cost estimation of cloud computing environment in compare to fixed dedicated resources. Intention of this paper is to provide clear idea to industry people when to move pure cloud, pure dedicated resources or hybrid of these. This would help industry people estimate the cost of resources in both ways: as a cloud provider point of view or cloud consumer point of view. From the cloud provider point of view, the construction of very large datacenters at low cost sites using commodity computing, data storage, networking and then the possibility of selling those resources on a pay-as-you-go model below the costs of many medium-sized datacenters, while making a profit by statistically multiplexing among a large group of customers. From the consumer point of view they can use any services like a software, they don’t bother on in maintaining hardware’s and for over provisioning or under provisioning problem. And from the cost perspective they need to pay only when they use resources. This paper describes the basic questions-answer which would help researchers who are new to cloud computing. Hopefully this will help in basic understanding of cloud computing environment and we will move on further with this new technology.


Keywords: Over provisioning, Under provisioning, Linear Demand of Resources, Varying Demand of Resources, Peak Demand.


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