Implementing Wireless Capsule Endoscopy WCE in Digestive System Diagnostics

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Hussam Ghunaim
Prof. Christian Bach


The purpose of this research is to discuss the revolutionary endoscopy method WCE that would enhance the diagnostic accuracy and reliability level. Additionally, a comparison has been made with other currently in practice endoscopy methods to single out the strengths and advantages of such endoscopy method. The limitation of this research caused by limited up to date data due to the restrict privacy policy normally adopted by hospitals regarding releasing patients information. This limitation will impose a partially outdated comparison results and conclusions. However, the past trends showed a steady increase in the number of medical facilities that decided to approve the usage of the WCE. These trends are derived from direct interactions with various medical communities. This paper originality and value comes from the fact that increasing number of patients showed a serious reluctant toward continuing all their prescribed medical testing or procedures. Consequently, serious implication can be expected affecting those patients’ health. WCE if understood correctly by both patients and doctors will have a positive impact on the success of diagnostic and treatment statistics.


Keywords: WCE; Endoscopy; wireless endoscopy; 3D Trajectory; image processing


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