A study of Grid Computing for Financial Management

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P. Gayathri Devi


In today’s commercial environment, it is very important to manage the financial resources efficiently and effectively because it involves various complex computing tasks such as sharing, allocation and coordinating the financial resources, risk management(portfolio of stock and bonds), determining the payoff, credit rating, interest rates, raising the finance for the business, determining the investment policies, time horizon of the financial plan, determining the present financial situation, determining the best path for analyzing the trading, data mining, secrecy, knowing the customer requirements etc. In these entire situations grid computing is very useful architecture because grid computing means multiple computers are connected to grid and servers through the network and all work like on big computer and all computers in the grid can serve equally according to our need. So in this paper I explore the various uses of grids in financial sector.

Keywords: Grid Computing; Scheduling; Financial Sector; Grid Analysis; Resource Allocation; Resource broker; GIS,ACO,PSO.


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