Advanced Network Security with Palladium

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B.Ramana Reddy
M.Susmitha, B.Sireesha


Security in this contemporary scenarios has become a more sensible issue either it may be in the real world or in the Cyber World. In the real world as opposed to the cyber world an attack is often preceded by information gathering. Movie gangsters case the joint; soldiers “scout the areaâ€. This is also true in the cyber world. Here the “bad guys†are referred to as intruders, eavesdroppers, hackers, hijackers, etc. The intruders would first have a panoramic view of the victis network and then start digging the holes. Today the illicit activities of the hackers are growing by leaps and bounds, viz., The recent attack on the DNS servers has caused a lot of hullabaloo all over the worldâ€. However, fortunately, the antagonists reacted promptly and resurrected the internet world from the brink of prostration. Since the inception of conglomerating Computers with Networks the consequence of which shrunk the communication world, hitherto, umpteen ilks of security breaches took their origin. Tersely quoting some security ditherers – Eavesdropping, hacking, hijacking, mapping, packet sniffing, 1spoofing, dos & ddos attacks, etc. Newton’s law says “Every action has got an equal but opposite reactionâ€. So is the case with this. nevertheless the security breaches and eavesdroppers, the technological prowess has been stupendously developed to defy against each of the assaults. Our paper covers the advanced technical combats that have been devised all through the way, thus giving birth to the notion of Network -Security. Various antidotes that are in fact inextricable with security issues are – cryptography, authentication, integrity and non repudiation, key distribution and certification, access control by implementing firewalls etc. To satiate the flaws in the network security more and more advanced security notions are being devised day by day. Our paper covers a wide perspective of such arenas where the contemporary cyber world is revolving around viz., palladium cryptography. Palladium is a content protection concept that has spawned from the belief that the pc, as it currently stands, is not architecturally equipped to protect a user from the pitfalls and challenges that an all-pervasive network such as the internet poses. In the course of this paper the revolutionary aspects of palladium are discussed in detail. A case study to restructure the present data security system of jntu examination system using palladium is put forward.

Keywords: Palladium, Security, Cryptography, Attack, Eavesdropping


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