Comparison and Simulation of Various Image Compression and Enhancement Techniques

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Vaibhav B. Aundhakar
R. N. Khobragade, V. M. Thakare


A crucial step in the assessment of an image compression method is the evaluation of the perceived quality of the compressed images. To assess how image quality degrades with increasing compression rate different approaches are used. Here comparison between three image compression techniques is discussed. The aim of this paper is to compare various image compression techniques that overcome the drawbacks of those compression techniques which are discussed in this analytical paper. Second aim, of discussing compression studies, is to highlight and evaluate the utility of these methods in various domains. This evaluation on image compression techniques will be very useful for the development and improvement of new techniques.

Keywords—Edge extraction, image compression, image in painting, structure propagation, texture synthesis, visual redundancy, Autoregressive modeling, compression standards, image restoration.


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