Sensor Web Service: A Geographical Information System (GIS) Based Model for Reliable Fire Detection in Buildings

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S. Kavitha Kavitha


Recent emergency situations in the world display the inclination that the occurrence frequency of natural catastrophes is anticipated to increase in future. Thus new approaches for Emergency management have been the hot topic in recent times. Emergency events imply all events that endanger normal functioning of services and companies, endanger lives or resources as well as events that are threatening stability of state. All situations resulting from fires, explosions, technological and traffic accidents, terrorist attacks, transport of hazardous materials all comprise hazardous events. Individuals and organizations responsible for emergency management use many tools to preserve economic assets before, during and after a catastrophic event. Correct and timely information is a critical part of any successful emergency management program. One of the greatest usages of GIS is in emergency management systems such as Natural Disasters that Impact Humans (Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Landslides, Fires, Floods, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes). This paper discuss Sensor Web Service as a proposed GIS-based model for Emergency management that is GIS application has been implemented for Reliable Fire Detection in buildings.

Keywords: GIS, OGC, Sensor Web, Sensor Web Enablement (SWE), Emergency Management.


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