An Analysis of Data Privacy Techniques in Cloud Computing

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Arvind S. Kapse
V. M. Thakare, Sudarson Jena


Cloud Computing is one of the emerging technologies in Computer Science. Cloud provides various types of services to us. Database Outsourcing is a recent data management paradigm in which the data owner stores the confidential data at the third party service provider’s site. The service provider is responsible for managing and administering the database and allows the data owner and clients to create, update, delete and access the database. There are chances of hampering the security of the data due to untrustworthiness of service provider. So, to secure the data which is outsourced to third party is a great challenge. The major requirements for achieving security in outsourced databases are confidentiality, privacy, integrity, availability. To achieve these requirements various data confidentiality mechanisms like fragmentation approach, High-Performance Anonymization Engine approach etc are available. In this paper, various mechanisms for implementing Data Confidentiality in cloud computing are analyzed along with their usefulness in a great detail.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Data Confidentiality, Integrity, Outsourced Databases, Performance


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