A Survey on Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks

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K. Chandra Reddy
Chinmaya P Padhy, Sudarson Jena


Routing in wireless sensor networks is a demanding task. This demand has led to a number of routing protocols which efficiently utilize the limited resources available at the sensor nodes. All these protocols typically find the minimum energy path. In this paper we analyze different routing algorithmsfor wireless sensor networks. The aim of these algorithms is to provide on-demand multiple disjoint paths between a data source and a destination.
In Multipath On-Demand Routing Algorithm (MDR), it improves the reliability of data routing in a wireless mobile network while maintaining the amount of overhead traffic at a low value.An important feature of MDR is that it is very robust against the average speed of the nodes in the network. Even for very high values of the mobility, the algorithm succeeds in delivering the data to the destination.


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