Supplanting HDFS with BSFS

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D. Santhoshi
T.Tejaswini Singh,V.Teja, K.Shyam Prasad


Hadoop is a software framework based on the Map Reduce programming model. It depends on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) as its primary storage system. To improve the performance, the HDFS layer of Hadoop can be replaced with a new, concurrency-optimized data storage layer called BlobSeer file system. Hadoop File System(HDFS) is used to evaluate the performance and efficiency of large file systems. The aim of the project is to compare the performance of HDFS and BSFS. In the proposed system by using create, read, update, delete operations in the distributed environment, performance of HDFS and BSFS is being tested. To find out which file system gives best performance for large and small datasets and also throughput time of the file system.

Keywords: Hadoop, nodes, supplanting, Blobeer, read, write


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